Welcome!  Robyn Bally, our new director.   She is also a new Overbrook Preschool parent as well.  She and her husband, Matthew, have two daughters, ages six and two and one-half and live in the New Albany area. 

Welcome!  Mrs. Tara Hummer, a new staff member.  Mrs. Hummer is also an Overbrook Preschool parent.  Mrs. Hummer teaches in Room 103 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and also works with the students in the Masterpiece Art class.

Welcome!  Mrs. Carol Johnson.  Mrs. Johnson has worked as a kindergarten teacher in Virginia.  She teaches the young 3’s and young 4’s in Room 107.  Mrs. Johnson and her husband have two daughters and live in the Worthington area.

Welcome!  Mrs. Jennifer North.  Mrs. North is an experienced elementary teachers and is also an the proud parent of two Overbrook Preschoolers.  Mrs. North is teaching the young 3’s and young 4’s in Room 107.