Just a reminder–when Columbus City Schools are closed due to bad weather, Overbrook Preschool is closed.  Please listen to your local media for information.  Weather conditions can be spotty.  If you feel that the road conditions in your area are too dangerous for travel, please stay safe and stay home.  Your safety and the safety of your family is much more important than a day at preschool.


The little elves at Overbrook Preschool will be busy during December making surprises, wrapping them up and practicing their holiday songs.  The highlight of the month will be our traditional Christmas Programs which are held in the church sanctuary.  The program schedules are:

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14 –                                    THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15 –

9:00 AM                                                                                9:00 AM

ROOM 106 M/W AM                                                          ROOM 103 T/Th/F AM

ROOM 107 M/W/F AM                                                      ROOM 106 T/Th/F AM

ROOM 108 T/Th/F PM                                                       ROOM 107 T/TH AM

ROOM 109 M/W/F AM                                                      ROOM 108 Pre-K AM

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!                                    ROOM 109 T/Th AM

Everyone is welcome to enjoy this very special program of music and stories.  Classroom parties will follow the program.  Santa will visit each classroom beginning with the youngest children. The parties conclude at the end of Santa’s visit.

Halloween Fun – Enjoy!