Below are photos of all of our Teachers. Click here to find out more about our Administrative Staff, and click here to find out more about Our Substitute Teachers.

Mrs. Kelsey Clark

 Mrs. Clark teaches our Young 3s class in Room 107.

Mrs. Tara Hummer

Mrs. Hummer teaches our 3s on M/W, older 3s/young 4s on T/TH/F and mornings, and PM mixed-age group in Room 108.

Mrs. Wendy Golembiewski

 Ms. Wendy  teaches our 4s on M/W/F and our 3s on T/Th mornings in Room 106.

Mrs. Jodi Miller

Mrs. Miller teaches our 3s and older 3s/young 4s class  in Room 108.

Mrs. Tiffany Napoli

Mrs. Napoli teaches 3 year olds on M/W mornings and full day preschool in Room 109.

Mrs. Sarah Rabold

Mrs. Rabold teaches our young 3s class on T/Th mornings.

Mrs. Molly Pasternack

Mrs. Pasternack teaches the 4s class on M/W/F mornings in room 107.

Mrs. Heather Tranquillo

Mrs. Tranquillo teaches our PM mixed-age preschool class in Room 108.

 Mrs. Lugene Zych

Mrs. Zych teaches our full day class on T/Th/F mornings and our 3s on M/W mornings in Room 109.

Mrs. Michelle Thomas

 Mrs. Thomas teaches our young 5s preschool class.

Mrs. Laura Wilcox


Mrs. Wilcox teaches our young 5s preschool class.


Mrs. Crystal Nabarrette

 Ms. Crystal teaches our 3s and 4s classes in Room 106.