Say “Hello” to the gentleman of Overbrook Church who volunteer their time throughout the week (and in all kinds of weather) to help keep our children and families safe  when they are arriving and departing from preschool.


Jon Pancost

Harlan Bockbrader preschool-parking-people-10-5-16-023
Steve Ryan  preschool-parking-people-10-5-16-006
Ed Cotter  preschool-parking-people-10-5-16-007
Bill Hershey  preschool-parking-people-10-5-16-019
Frank Watkins  preschool-parking-people-10-5-16-031
Warren Powell  preschool-parking-people-10-5-16-027
Ned Alexander  preschool-parking-people-10-5-16-013
Tom Holmes  preschool-parking-people-10-5-16-020
Charlie Lemon preschool-parking-people-10-5-16-037
Walt Beauvais  preschool-parking-people-10-5-16-001
Dave Hinkle  Preschool parking 003
Bill Morris  Bill Morris